“Why Don’t More Good People Enter Politics?”

Download our Conference Report, see our conference videos, pictures, and our live blog below:

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UBC’s Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) hosted a conference on “Why don’t more good people enter politics?  (And what can be done about it…)” on November 24-25, 2011.

CSDI is interested in why democracy is not performing better in Canada and around the world.  Attracting good people into politics is among the central problems of contemporary democracy, but it is only the point of departure for an ongoing public conversation. The topics for discussion included excessive partisanship, the role of the media, and the personal costs of political life.

The events were free and open to the public. Those who could not attend were able to participate online via Twitter, text messaging, and our live blog (see below), and videos of both events are also available below.

A report (above) detailing the substance of the conference has been distributed to attendees, participants, all Members of Parliament, and the media.

See article by Max Cameron in The Mark, published Dec. 20, 2011: Advice to aspiring politicians: Don’t check your conscience at the door.

See the conference program here.
Brief background note and additional info here.

Conference Videos:

Conversation with Paul Martin, “Why Don’t (More) Good People Enter Politics?” Moderated by Ian Hanomansing. Museum of Anthropology. Nov. 24th, 2011.

Panel 1: “Why don’t (more) good people enter politics?” Carole Taylor, Vaughn Palmer, Sam Sullivan, Mike Harcourt. Moderated by Ian Hanomansing

Panel 2: The Media and Partisanship. Fazil Mihlar, Anne McLellan, Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Winnie Hwo. Moderated by Kathryn Gretsinger.

Panel 3: Entering Political Life: Incentives and Disincentives. Gordon Gibson, Dawn Black, Jennifer Clarke, Rick Anderson. Moderated by Doug McArthur

Panel 4: Wrap up & Next Steps. Anne McLellan, Rick Anderson. Moderated by Mark Warren.

Conference pictures on Flickr.

The live blog was run by UBC Arts.



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