David Hopper Lecture: Helen Mack Chang

Listen to the audio of our Roundtable on Nov. 8th with Helen Mack.
Participants included: Jon Beasley-Murray (UBC LAS), Max Cameron (UBC Poli Sci, CSDI), Gaston Gordillo (UBC Anthropology), and Sylvia Berryman (UBC Philosophy).

Helen Mack (Guatemala) is the Founder and President of the Myrna Mack Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting against impunity and promoting the rule of law in her country of Guatemala. She initiated the first judicial process against high ranking military officials of the Guatemalan Army when she charged three officials with organizing the assassination of her sister, Myrna Mack, and was finally able to achieve conviction of the primary author of the crime. Helen Mack received the Right Livelihood Award in 1992, the Notre Dame Award by Public Service in Latin America in 2005, the Human Rights Award from the King of Spain in 2006, and several other significant recognitions. She has been Coordinator of the Justice Commission in Guatemala and has participated as an expert witness in cases of human rights violations before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and the Organization of American States (OAS), among other charges. Helen Mack served as Presidential Commissioner for the Police Reform Commission in Guatemala for 18 months.

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