Electoral Reform: Lessons Learned


UBC issues report on Electoral Reform

The University of BC’s Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) is pleased to release a report on “Electoral Reform in Canada: Lessons Learned.

The report, which was prepared by UBC Political Science graduate student Megan Dias, finds that a key flaw in the democratic reform effort led by the federal Liberal government was the absence of a well designed process of public dialogue and deliberation.

“There is an important lesson here for BC,” says Max Cameron, the Director of CSDI. “The federal Liberals enjoyed a ‘false majority’—more seats than their share of the popular vote, thanks to the electoral system. As a result, they were not highly motivated to change a system from which they benefited. By contrast, with a minority parliament in BC, there may be greater political will to implement electoral reform. Certainly, it is in the interest of the Greens.”

“Provincial politicians should be under no illusions about the challenges they face in changing the electoral system,” he adds. “The legitimacy of any change will depend on the design of the reform policy process. BC’s political parties should learn from the errors made by the federal Liberal government if they are serious about changing the electoral system in BC.”

For comment:

Max Cameron (in Vancouver): (604) 786-0992
Email: Max.Cameron@ubc.ca

Megan Dias (in Toronto): (905) 808-4982
Email: megan.dias@alumni.ubc.ca


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