2007 Events

Japanese Democracy, August 28-29 2007

Japanese Democracy Modeling Power Relationship in Japanese Democracy, Conference 28-29 August 2007 On 28-29 August 2007, UBC’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) and Center for Japanese Research (CJR) hosted a conference titled Modeling Power Relationships in Japanese Democracy coordinated by Yves Tiberghien (Political Science Department, UBC). The main funding was provided by the […]

Corruption and Democracy, June 8-9 2007

Corruption and Democracy Workshop on Corruption and Democracy, 8-9 June 2007 Workshop organizers: Michael Johnston, Colgate University Mark E Warren, University of British Columbia Benjamin Nyblade, University of British Columbia Over the last decade and a half, political corruption has come to be recognized as a central problem in political and economic development. As a consequence […]

Canadian Senate Reform, April 18-19 2007

Canadian Senate Reform Transforming Canadian Governance Through Senate Reform, Conference 18-19 April 2007 Harmonizing bicameralism with the idea of democratic representation has always raised awkward questions in parliamentary systems.  If a parliamentary executive is accountable to a majority in a freely elected representative assembly, what is the role and legitimacy of a second chamber?  The […]