Institute for Future Legislators

Have you ever thought about running for public office? Do you wonder what it would be like to serve as a legislator? If you have political aspirations, but want to know more about what being a legislator means and how to be most effective in that role, apply to UBC’s Institute for Future Legislators (IFL). The Institute provides intensive hands-on mentoring and training for anyone who seeks the experience and knowledge necessary to make a difference—whether at the local, provincial, or federal level.

Legislators play a critical role in addressing the most pressing issues we face today. But too often they arrive unprepared for the demands of office. The IFL prepares participants to not only know what to expect but to serve with integrity. With the upcoming federal election, many people are thinking about running for office. If you are among them, this program is for you.

The UBC Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions is soliciting applications from a diverse and cross-partisan group of people, including all ages and backgrounds. The only prerequisite is legislative aspirations and a readiness to learn from highly experienced practitioners.

Past practitioners include: George Abbott, Dawn Black, Larry Campbell, Ujjal Dosanjh, Mike Harcourt, Joy MacPhail, Preston Manning, Anne McLellan, Chuck Strahl, Carole Taylor & many others.

Topics include:

  • Legislatures & Legislative Life
  • Parliamentary Relationships
  • Political Ethics & Judgement
  • Working in the House
  • Gender in Politics
  • Communications
  • Representation
  • Constituency Service

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and seats are limited.

July 13th& 14th, July 27th & 28th
(held at UBC Point Grey Campus)
August 9th – 12th
(parliamentary simulation held in Victoria, BC).

Financial assistance may be available. If the program fee poses a barrier to your participation, please indicate this on your application form, and we will be in touch about available assistance. In the past, participants – like successful politicians – have also been able to fundraise enough to cover the program fee.

Current undergraduate UBC students wanting to take the program for course credit (registering for POLI 308b, a 3-credit course). Seminar dates are as follows: Fridays, July 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, from 10am-1:00pm, in Buchanan C403 Seminar Room. Attendance at weekend IFL workshops is mandatory. Students should apply to the IFL program, indicate they want to be enrolled in Poli 308B. Those enrolled in Poli 308B pay a lower IFL fee of $600, plus tuition fees.

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Questions? Contact CSDI:
Rebecca Monnerat, Project Manager
Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions
University of British Columbia    Tel. 604-827-4390